It’s Official I’m addicted to Revolution WordPress Themes

Due to having used a Revolution WordPress theme on; try as I might to work within the WordPress theme here, I am already approaching the need to add on space, so I invested in another theme instead.

WITOO ( Women Invest Too) has now moved to it’s shiny new location at

See you there!

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Blog First Ask Questions Later

I stumbled across a very useful link in one of email subscriptions this week and put it all into practise to create this new Blog.This post is full of recommended resources to kick start the Blogging side of your business ventures.

If you did not see last week’s Carpe-Diem Ezine, you will not have seen a rather long link about creating a WordPress blog that I picked up from my subscription to Michael Dunlop’s site

( I love this site because not only does it keep me in touch with young entrepreneurs as a resource for Teen Money, but it reminds me that he achieved his success before the age of 18, without a credit card.)

So I thought I’d give it a go myself and follow the “simple instructions” and set one up myself. Having recently found Hostgator as a highly recommended source, I found an excellent use for my first cPanel experience and created my new hosted Wordpress Blog at

I highly recommend the use of your own name as a website or Blog name, it certainly makes you focus on what core messages you are delivering.

If you are anything like me, and enjoy Blogging then you will pick up some of the best resources via TWITTER. I came across one of the best Blogs for layout & content I think you are likely to find, considered by some to be the best there is, run by Australian Darren Rowse, visit : whenever you can. There are plenty of really useful resources for configuring your content, composing your about me page and with over 50,000 subscribers, I think it is fair to say he knows what he is doing.

Monetizing your Blog with adverts, links and resources with a WordPress Blog is made easy through Plug Ins and Widgets. If you type into Google “WordPress Plug In for …” something usually crops up. Hostgator have Fantatisco built in, so uploading a WordPress Blog is very easy.

Once you have mastered the file location and upload process for your WordPress Plug Ins you can then start to focus on one thing : TRAFFIC.

Finally for the best ways to monetize your Blog to it’s maximum potential, look no further than Blogging to the Bank, written by another young English entrepreneur, it just goes to show that expertise on the Internet has nothing to do with age. Check out his site here

For more about combining Internet Marketing & Networking marketing, visit my business website at :

The Instructions Are Already There

If you are thinking about starting an online business, or have simply stumbled from one business opportunity to another for several years, chances are you are not looking in the right place to forward your business.

If you are not sufficiently funded to survive the start up phase of your business online or offline for that matter then you will quickly run out of cash, you will become desperate to make things work quicker than a natural pace and you will find yourself in self destruct mode.

The difference between building a sustainable long term business and a flash in the pan, fingers crossed I hope this works is investment. It’s investment in yourself, and your continuous self education, it is also an investment in your marketing skills. If you are just starting out with NO previous sales, business or marketing skills and you buy an advanced strategy for fast cash — expect to fail.

You simply CANNOT leap frog experience and expertise. You only have to look at the popular TV Show The Apprentice to realise that you simply CANNOT turn up one day and expect to know everything and be an expert from day one. These skills HAVE to be learned. Continue reading

Making Money Versus Building Wealth

In the last few weeks, I have started to conect the dots between building my business, the power of the Internet and investing in my future. In between creating the Upside Down Property Manual, the Teen Money Manuals and the writing and integration of new practical help sections to my online Home Information Publishing Business, I have been working on my mindset.

With every new project I undertake, I am absolutely fascinated by what unfolds as a direct result of a certain course of action. For example, I have been listening to Tony Robbins for the first time and suddenly I find myself creating a new vision board four times larger than the last.

By researching the Upside Down Property Developing Manual I have found invaluable sources for property investments that I never knew existed, and through evolving my own online business into more of an online business training centre for Home Information Publishing I have come across a MLM Business Opportunity that fits it like a glove.

Now all of this not only shows me that my knowledge and understanding of Internet Marketing is growing, and that I am more confident about being able to produce great results with the new skills I have developed, but more importantly I can SEE the difference between the mindset that simply wants to make money and the mindset that is more focused on creating and building wealth.

This in essence is the work of The Law of Attraction of course:-

1. You become what you think about.

2. If you move towards your goal, and take action, then you will be met with opportunity.

What next? I am re-working my Master Planner for the next 6 – 12 months to re-focus and record my new pathways to my destination. Goals are set in concrete, paths are made in sand.

Why Do People Think They Can Simply Buy Experience?

Achieving an accolade, an award, a certificate of merit can take years of studying, testing, researching and perfecting until the day dawns on your final test and you will either succeed with glory or be marked down as a failure. It can have a dramatic effect on what you do in years to come, you will either think of yourself as an achiever or you will hang on to the thought that you were not good enough, and perhaps think of yourself as mediocre or a failure.

Some people go through life with those thoughts and those test results repeating themselves over and over again. Those same thoughts then materialise in the house they think they should live in, the car they think they should drive, the money they think they can earn and it becomes a paradigm that can hold you back for years. Conquering your mindset and investing in your own education is part of the journey that eludes most people.

Other people think and believe that they can achieve anything they set out to have, they believe in setting big goals, living life to the full and having time and money freedom in which to enjoy the beauty of life.

I am reflecting on this because I wonder why people think they can simply BUY experience. Why do so many people buy Business Opportunities that will for the most part provide you with a growing residual income if you just follow the plan and put it into action, but for some reason, perhaps out of sheer desperation or instant gratification, they buy it, skim read it, test it once if ever then add it to the shelf in the study next to the others and start looking for another one.

The reason these opportunities exist, is usually because someone has invested a lot of their time learning to become an expert, they have studied and learned, applied and succeeded and want to share with others how they can do it too. From my research to date, I can see there are many ways in which to create passive income, but I need to select ones that “fit” me.

I have come to realise WHY the answers simply can never be in a book, take words of wisdom, another key to unlock another piece of the puzzle from them certainly, but you will never find everything you need to truly succeed without experiencing the journey yourself.

Before Starting An Online Business Read This

If you are serious about building an online business you need to understand there is a lot of “stuff” you NEED to know and learn and at the same time there are A MILLION DISTRACTIONS EVERY SINGLE DAY trying to divert your attention.

I thought I would add this section while I can still relate to all those frustrations everyone experiences when they begin life on the Internet.

1. You are going to need to learn how to build a basic website. Yes you can outsource everything, but if you are serious about learning Internet Marketing and building multiple streams of income NOT taking the time and effort to learn it is like moving to a foreign country where everyone else speaks a different language.

2. Get familiar with the terminology Internet Marketers use every day. When you are first starting out there will be a lot of very unfamiliar terms, such as Domain Names, Hosting, FTP, Servers, ASP, PHP and many more. Remember you are smack bang in the middle of the technical “guys and gals” who talk websites, software and web talk and the consumer who doesn’t know about these terms, nor do they need to know. I always think I am the absolute WORST dinner guest when my head is full of learning “new computer talk” as it is SO unfamiliar when you start out it is likely to dominate most thoughts you have.

3. Learn that you are going to make mistakes, and that every hurdle in front of you can be jumped over once you have found the right way to do it. I have not found one story of an online marketer that starts with <em>”One day I decided to start my online business, I found it really easy at first and within a month I had made my first million.”</em>

There are many, many more stories that read something like this, <em>” I struggled to make ends meet at first, I mean I even sold my car just to pay the bills, I bought every product, read every ebook I could get my hands and still nothing seemed to be going right. Then suddenly after my first couple of years I got my first real break and now I earn in one month what I used to earn in a year.”</em>

4. Do NOT give up the day job! The number one problem with life online is that the learning curve is SO steep at first that you will not, unless you are extremely lucky earn enough money to pay your bills for at least 6-12 months. In fact if you have had NO previous BUSINESS experience it may take you much longer than that. Yes there are exceptions to the rule, but that is all they are … exceptions.

5. Accept right up front that at first you NEED to make LOTS of mistakes and that EVERYTHING YOU DO WRONG is not because you are failing, it is because you are testing and measuring, then testing and measuring some more. You will NEVER get anywhere online if you give up at the first hurdle, or if you keep flitting like a butterfly from Amazing Get Rich Scheme to Amazing Get Rich Scheme. Take your time, allow at least 6 months to learn the very basics, build a solid foundation from which to grow ,,, then create MASSIVE ACTION and results will follow.

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me

I first came across the title “saying” several years ago and not only is it poignant, it is also incredibly easy to remember when you come across frustrating moments in life and realise that unless you are being literally spoon fed your way through life’s ups and downs, then it is also FRANKLY TRUE.

I have for the last month been looking at what I have termed “Residual Income Opportunities” and although they are clearly diverse, vibrant and successful for many people within the businesses themselves; I am left with another piece of the puzzle. It seems that people who may choose or be drawn to participate in this type of business are drawn quite naturally to the income potential of the “leaders” and in most cases the leaders are extremely enigmatic characters and really want you to succeed too which in itself is also highly attractive.

The Multi Level Marketing companies in the main I have looked at, and of course dabbled with in the past usually provide unique, high quality products and services ready for you to sell as a retail item and this is one part of the business model. The other part of the business model is that of building a team referred to as a downline and inviting and showing others to do the same. This is of course an excellent way to duplicate your efforts and help others to do the same.

In all cases, straight from the outset you are told, this is not a get rich quick scheme, but if you put you learn about the products, how to market them ( materials and training supplied ) , how to “perfect your pitch” to gather interest from other people looking for an exciting home business opportunity themselves, plus around 2-5 years spent building your down line and home based business, you will achieve financial freedom. Please note I am aware I have simplified the system for this post, and I am fully aware that everything the successful people in these businesses explain is usually 100% true and is exactly what they did to achieve their own status.

Here is my question though, at this point I have been building my own online business to the point where I have to seriously question why I should NOT spend the same amount of time, effort, learning and marketing my own business to stronger, deeper levels as opposed to starting an MLM business that I know nothing about at this stage. I would question what you simply COULDN’T achieve YOURSELF given 2 – 5 years spent learning and taking action of the right kind.

It would not only provide me with a duplication model of my own in the future but I suspect the learning curve would be of greater value in the longer term. ( My company is not called Control Freak Ltd for nothing.) So in terms of investing my time and efforts, I simply have to return to the title post of If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me.